summer: unplugged.

This summer I have one goal: Unplug. I tried it over the holidays with the kids’ toys  (read: our analog christmas), but I’m thinking it’s time to go big.

From iPhones to iPads, to the constant (freaking) buzzing of the TV in the background… I just want to shut it all off.

I’ve surrendered my iPhone to the kitchen drawer (or my husband’s pocket) on more than one occasion
(OK, like nightly).
I can go days without my iPad.
I’d probably spontaneously combust if I went days without my iMac… but I think that’s worth testing.
I can definitely live without the TV on.
It’s just a matter of pulling all of those things together.
I think.

Here’s my plan:

  • TV off during the day. We actually pretty much already do this (Except for when my husband pretends like he forgot. Then I have to pretend not to be a nag).  In the morning we listen to music, in the afternoon it’s play time or outside time… or anything else but TV time. 

It started with me just being ultra-conscientious about what my kids were watching in the day and that evolved to the realization that there really is no need for the TV to be on at all. A little nudge from Simplicity Parenting didn’t hurt, either (review coming soon). Listen, I’m human. There will exceptions (like feeding my Housewives addiction when the kids are napping). 

  • iPhone lock down. Here’s the hard one, especially since my business isn’t 9-5. 

I’m learning to surrender the iPhone. It’s way too tempting to flip through your phone as you walk by it on the counter. Or roll through your social media accounts to see what’s happening in the virtual world. When work is done, I’m going to do my damnedest to put my phone away. Every night.

Away- like in a drawer (my favorite place) or a cabinet, or a fire-proof safe. Or, have my husband stash it somewhere I can’t reach it.

Yes, my willpower is that bad. Trust me.

  • Kids: unplugged. This summer we’re going old school. 

I’ve already kick-started this by introducing more imaginative, active play and activities in their day-to-day. From puzzles to blocks, fort-building and role playing… it’s amazing what kids can do with their imagination and toys that don’t have batteries or do half the thinking for them.

Now it’s just a matter of getting my husband on board.

Stay tuned…


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