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I used to dream of ultra-modern living spaces—- clean lines, bright whites, bold angles. I thought I’d grow up to live in a home that was immaculate (because someone else would clean it), with everything in its ultra-minimal and uber-stylish place. The couches would be too cool to sit on, the bathrooms would be like works of art and the bedroom would be my perfect escape.

Fast forward to two kids later, a housekeeper that visits only when one of us actually remembers to call and schedule her, and furniture selected by the following criteria: Will it hurt if one of our boys jumps off of it, runs into it or throws something from it? Is it stain resistant? Can we store toys in it without it looking like a toy box?

Until I can have the grown-up place I’ve always dreamed of, there’s this. Get ready to drool . . .

I found these amazing spaces on

Anyone else hearing angels singing? (credit: Horcasitas Apartment Remodel by DEN Architecture)

House Szelpal by Felber Architects












Charcoal, white, typography . . . love.











The art on the wall says, "See? Real people live here. They're just way hipper than you." I would have no idea how to pull that off . . . (House Szelpal by Felber Architects)











Don't mind me. I'll just be over here wishing I lived in your home . . . (credit: The Good Residence by Crone Partners)












design + nursery = trouble

Somehow in the middle of all my extreme nesting when I was pregnant with lil L, my husband convinced me to hold off on a full-blown nursery. After all, the baby will be in our room the first six months. Last time I obsessed over our first son’s room, it sat there (unused) until he was one.

Here’s the downside my husband didn’t consider: I’ve now had months to obsess over it. And it’s going to cost him!

These are just a few of the things I’m obsessing over that fall in the style/color palate I’m going after. I’m loving bright whites, deep charcoals and punches of super-poppy blue!

this mom ( is getting tons of love on her son's room. i'm obsessed with the white branches against the deep charcoal walls. i have to have charcoal walls.

clean. modern. awesome. olio studio double cylinder light from dwell.

i haven't decided if this goes better with my toddler's room. music is such a major part of our lives and this is just downright adorable.

DIY art.



ok. this one's going to hurt a little . . . like $1,000 hurts coming out of your wallet. but it's amazing. dwell studio thompson glider, charcoal. momma loves...

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