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home office overhaul

I’ve had a home office for about 10 years now. This was awesome when it was just me in a two bedroom place with an office all to myself. A sanctuary, if you will. OK, maybe it was more stressful than a sanctuary, but it was all mine.

Enter 2011. Now add a husband and two boys, a three bedroom house and a home office that I currently share with a changing table and a Diaper Genie. That is, until my newborn is old enough to take over the third bedroom altogether.

I’ve started window shopping for a four bedroom home and plotting out my plan to reclaim a proper home office. After all, I’m in here sometimes 12 hours in a day and I need some organization, some modern design, some bold, cool, colors to keep me sane as I type away in my little four-walled work box.

Right now I’m leaning toward charcoal, white, blues, green . . . maybe I’ll live on the edge and throw in a few hints of a bold pink. I’m craving a major home office overhaul and with the help of Pinterest, I might just find the perfect mix!

Here are just a few ideas. If you like these ideas or need some inspiration for your home office, follow me on Pinterest!

I need this chair.  source:













This rug says, "work, shmurk. Just sink your toes into me and relax." source:












This isn't totally me. But I do love the blue wall and the black & white graphic contrast. I need something that make a bold statement in my home office. One that says "Wake up and work!" source:















Hello big, bold statement, WITH charcoal AND typography. Momma loves.... source:















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