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This week marks eight weeks that my cancer was confirmed. It will be my fourth chemo treatment— my official halfway mark. I’ve had more eight-week spans in my lifetime than I’ll ever remember, but the events of the past two months are moments that I’ll never forget.

“This is going to be hard,” my doctor told my family as he led us into the room, wishing he could shield us all from the inevitable. We came to the appointment just hoping that the giant mass that had grown between my heart and lungs was benign… but those six words stripped the hope right from our souls as we slowly took our places in the room.

As he handed me some info on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he carefully began to explain.

“The first biopsy showed the presence of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cells, but not enough to be 100% certain…” But my doctor knew better. So did I. With every word after that my reality began to unfold.

“You should know this doesn’t have to be a death sentence.” Of this, we were also both certain.

I nervously tried to break the tension by saying something funny but he darted a look my way that I’ll never forget. As he lowered his eyes back to the paperwork it all became so real. My sister went from standing scared against the wall to slowly sliding all the way down to the floor in shock. My mom— my hero— sobbed as quietly as she could while she took it all in. My husband sat next to me as we flipped through pages of biopsy results and more information than I could possibly absorb.

I fought back tears as I tried to ask all the right questions while the room sometimes spun around me. Inevitably I found that “go time” place inside of me that my family insists was shock. I’ll consider it faith. Within an hour of leaving the doctor’s office, as my house began to fill with family and close friends, I quickly enrolled at City of Hope and my journey to beat cancer with God by my side had officially begun.




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  1. I am so sorry to hear this, but luckily you seem to have a great support group and lots of love. I willl keep you in my prayers!

  2. Galit Breen says:

    Oh, Jen. Sending what I’ve got your way. xo

  3. Yolanda says:

    You know I adore you and every day you and your family are in my prayers. I know you got this, you are strong and fierce and just plain unstoppable. XOXO my friend.

  4. Yes, the journey to beat it is underway! Bravo you!!! Kick cancer’s butt!

  5. Ana says:

    You are MY hero! Love you to the moon and back.

  6. Jeannette says:

    My heart breaks for you as I read this. Our family has been touched by this same cancer and it is a tough road but stay strong and fight hard! Prayers for you girl!

  7. Sherri says:

    Wow, eight weeks…you are halfway there, that is great! I cannot imagine how you are feeling, but looking at those little ones must really help. Hugs to you!

  8. So great that you are choosing to share some of your story here, in such beautiful words. All my love to you, friend. You ARE going to knock this out! xx

  9. Brett says:

    kick cancer’s butt!! you can do it!! the attitude helps a lot, i’ve seen it many times.

    also, hugs. because your battle will be tough and maybe you need some hugs.

  10. Angela says:

    I can’t even imagine. Sending strength, prayers, and hugs your way.

  11. I have to say, (as I am sure a lot of cancer patients say) never thought it would happen to my daughter Jennifer.
    Sometimes God has a way of slowing us down, take time to appreciate what we have and not care about what we don’t have, even if we don’t agree with his logic!
    With lots and lots of prayers, support from family and good friends (you know who you are) we will rise above and win this battle, of this I have no doubt.

    xoxoxoxo to my wonderful Daughter Jennifer Joan!

  12. Destri Tafoya says:

    HI Jennifer!

    When I was given the news of my brain tumor in Nov 2010 I came across a quote…..” You never know how STRONG you are until being STRONG is the only choice you have.” You are an amazing example of this! MY thoughts and prayers continue to you daily…. **hugs**


  13. Robbie says:

    I have no words. Sending good thoughts your way.

  14. Sending good thoughts, strength, and lots of love your way.

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