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If your little one loves all of the pink & red food fun that comes with Valentine’s Day, but you’re not a fan of artificial food coloring and processed snacks — you have options!

Here are a few quick tips to get you through Valentine’s Day with an organic & natural foods twist!

GO NATURAL: If you’re decorating your own from-scratch cookies, opt for natural food coloring and organic sugar sprinkles. There are so many great colors & options available (online, at WholeFoods & more), that there’s no need to reach for the artificial brands (see my article on allParenting for why we opt out of artificial food coloring)

Here are just a few options if you’re considering ordering natural food coloring online:

CHOOSE FRESHSubstitute fresh fruit for snacks… and for color. We recently used mashed strawberries to tint organic frosting pink and the kids never knew the difference! Dried cranberries, pomegranate & strawberries are all great ways to get bold pops of red colors into Valentine’s Day meals sans artificial colors & flavors!

SELECT SMART PACKAGED FOODS: Opt for ready-made snacks that use natural & organic ingredients (like beets, etc.) for coloring. Try packaged and convenient (but healthy) options like:

  • Earth’s Best smoothie squeeze pouches– Perfect for pint-sized lunch boxes.
  • Jammy Sammy organic pre-made sandwiches (you an cut them into hearts, too!)
  • Organic strawberry milk boxes from Horizon
  • Organic strawberry cereal or granolar bars
  • Organic dried cranberries (My kids love to snack on these. We use the Simply Organic brand from Ralph’s & skip the high fructose corn syrup!)
  • Raspberry or strawberry organic toaster pastries (the perfect substitute for Pop Tarts)











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  1. Tiffany Cruz says:

    I’m so happy you shared this. I’m all about trying to go natural when I can.

  2. Karen says:

    This is a really great resource for those of us with kids who have food allergies or in-sensitivities. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amber K. says:

    I’m doing as much as possible to stay natural and organic this year, thanks for sharing this!

  4. Nice! Holidays are definitely a time when I struggle to stay natural

  5. Leila says:

    I wish this would have slapped me in the face yesterday when I was making Valentine’s day cupcakes. It wasn’t until after my son had one and started bouncing off walls that I realized the red food coloring has red dye 40 which is so not cool for his behavior! I need to start purchasing more organic items to keep on hand – such as food coloring!

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